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Masterclass - Fertility; How Nutritional Therapy can help get you pregnant.

1 in 5 couples cannot conceive naturally at present in the UK.

In a third of couples, the infertility is due to the female. In the second third of couples, infertility is due to the male and in the last third of couples, infertility is due to both the male and the female.

Nutritional Therapy can really make all of the difference! With the advances in science and technology, we are able to test your body on such a detailed and comprehensive basis, that we can get really good feedback into where your imbalances lie.

Here's what you'll learn during the Fertility Masterclass:

  • Female Fertility - what a fertile menstrual cycle looks like, how to know you are ovulating, how long to prep for pregnancy, the importance of nutrients for healthy eggs.

  • Male Fertility - The importance of male sperm size, sperm shape and sperm count. How to transform your sperm health within 76 days, improving your nutrient intake and cleaning up your environment.

  • The most common imbalances I see contributing to infertility, and the testing which can reveal exactly what's going on.

  • The importance of blood sugar balance, reducing toxic exposure, sleep and stress management in improving your fertility.

If you cannot make the masterclass, I will be sending everyone attending a recording within 36 hours.

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