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Period Power Programme

A personalised 12 week 1:1 program for women who are suffering each month with their periods and want to become symptom free. 

Sound Familiar?

  • You never know when your periods are coming each month.

  • You’re having to take more time off work, as your period pain is so intense.

  • You live on painkillers, as it's the only way you can control your pain.

  • Your PMS is hell and makes you feel depressed and anxious.

  • Your breasts are sore and painful, before your period starts.

  • You feel bloated before and during your period and it's making you feel really uncomfortable.

  • You have intense sweet cravings, before your periods starts

  • You have stubborn weight gain, that won't budge

  • You’re on “the pill,” because that's what your doctor recommended, but you know this isn’t a long term solution to solving your irregular periods and pain.


AND you feel helpless and overwhelmed about what you should be doing each month, to have symptom free periods.

This was me too!


I've been exactly where you are right now.


5 years ago, I dreaded my periods each month, always having to cancel plans around it. Living on countless painkillers, I even found myself at A&E twice, because I couldn't take the pain. I have been lucky enough to completely change the health of my menstrual cycle. My periods are now easy, regular, and symptom free. Other benefits include clear skin, positive mood and deeper sleep. Thanks to studying Nutritional Therapy, and specialising in period health, I have been able to transform my periods.  

Imagine this ….


  • Pain free periods and lighter periods each month

  • You’re confident your periods are finally regular and you know when they’re coming.

  • You no longer feel “dreadful" before your period.  PMS is a thing of the past.

  • You have more energy each month and your mood is the best it's been in years.

  • Sugar cravings are a thing of the past and you’re no longer worried about gaining more weight.

  • You have a simple way to manage your period pain and no longer rely on painkillers.

  • You’re no longer cancelling plans, because of your period and out socialising more.

  • You’re no longer bloated each month from your period and feel confident with your body.


And you no longer dread that your period is approaching!


The Period Power Program will give you the knowledge, know-how and confidence that will ensure you no longer “dread” your period each month and you can start getting on with your life.


‘I could not fault Flora’s care, knowledge and understanding. She has helped my body function properly and regain my health. Having had my fair share of health problems, I’m no stranger to doctors and specialists and I would rate Flora extremely highly, helping me achieve my goals where other specialists were unable. She is highly personable and helps you break down your goals into manageable and achievable steps whilst supporting you fully along your journey. I can’t thank her enough.’

'Flora’s knowledge, paired with her kind and sensitive way, made me feel safe and empowered throughout my journey with her.
After following step-by-step and manageable advice, I have seen a dramatic decrease in symptoms. I feel better than I have in years and have a greater sense of confidence about what my body needs.
I would wholeheartedly recommend booking a session with Flora if you want to optimise your hormonal health in any way.'

Here’s what you’ll learn during 12 weeks of personalised 1:1 high level support. 

  • Uncover how to stop your period pain, so you can stop living on painkillers.

  • The secret to regular periods, without relying on taking “the pill”.

  • Experience consistent energy and mood throughout the month, particularly before you period.

  • Learn how to stop bloating before and during your period so you feel confident with your body.

  • Banish your sweet cravings before your periods starts

  • Lose stubborn weight gain

  • Discover the simple way to stop feeling so overwhelmed and anxious around your period each month.


AND finally stop taking time off from work because your period pain is too intense.


PLUS .. 


3 private 1:1 coaching calls, support between calls and ALL the tools and resources you need to guarantee healthy periods each month.



'Before working with Flora, I was gaining weight, particularly around the tummy, and feeling rather helpless about it. I was starting peri-menopause, having around 12 hot flushes per day and my periods became very painful. My cholesterol levels were also very high. I was given 6 months to change things, or I’d have to take statins.

Since working with Flora, I have lost over a stone & my GP confirmed I do not need statins! I never felt hungry or unsatisfied, but still lost the weight. My period pain is significantly reduced & my hot flushes have almost disappeared. I feel so much happier in myself, and my attitude towards life. I have taken control of my body, rather than choosing medication. Thank you so much.’



"After Flora's consultations, I met my women's health goals within a couple of months, and have seen a significant reduction in symptoms of PMS/menstrual cramps/bloating and inflammation. All this plus the added bonus of having additional energy and feeling amazing. Flora's style is sensitive and kind and helped me feel very supported. I would recommend her to anyone looking for health solutions!'



The Period Power Program will give you the know-how and confidence to finally start getting on with your life each month.

Who’s The Period Power Program for?


This program is for you if you’re a woman who suffers each month with their periods and want to become symptom free.


This isn’t for you if…


You're someone who wants a quick fix, without having to put in the work.

You’re not 100% committed to having symptom free periods each month.

Which one do you want to be? I know which one I chose.






Hi, I am Flora.

I spent 5 years figuring out how to resolve my periods problems. From ending up in A&E with debilitating period pain, to symptom free periods, I want the same for you!

How do I know this program is right for me? 

This is for you, if you want your periods to become easy, symptom free.

Fixing your periods also requires a mindset shift. The programme will help you cultivate a better relationship with yourself. 

How is this program different from all the others on the market?

The Period Power Program is NOT a one size fits all program.  This is high level personalised 1:1 support.

How do I apply?  

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