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'Free From Period Pain' Masterclass

This FREE masterclass is for women who suffer each month with period pain and low mood.  Women who want simple, easy implementable strategies to reduce period pain!

Here’s what you’ll learn when you join The Free from Period Pain Masterclass


Uncover the simple way to stop relying on painkillers to reduce pain, no longer having to cancel plans, take time off of work and lie in bed in all day!


AND discover the easy ways to stop your PMS affecting your moods each month.


By the end of this free masterclass you’ll feel confident you have the right strategies to reduce period pain and actually get on with your life each month.

Meet your host - FLORA, Nutritional Therapist.


I suffered with period pain for as long as I can remember. I was eventually ending up in A&E with the pain. I felt helpless and couldn't understand what I was doing wrong... I exercised & ate healthy?


It wasn't until I studied Nutrition, and specialised in period health, that this started to reduce each month. Now I don't take any painkillers! 

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