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Your 6 Step Framework to Pain Free Periods 

Ready to no longer have painful periods?

  • You dread your periods each month?

  • You rely on painkillers, as it's the only way you can control your pain?

  • You're having to cancel plans around your period, or skip a day of work?

  • Your PMS is hell & makes you feel depressed & anxious?


AND you feel helpless and frustrated about your symptoms and have no idea what you should be doing each month, to have pain free periods?

This was me too - I have been exactly where you are now.


5 years ago, I had the worst period pain imaginable. I dreaded my periods each month. I would categorise my pain as a 10 out of 10 - pain like I had never experienced before, that left me screaming on the bathroom floor, and which meant I ended up in A & E twice. 

Now, my pain is minimal - just mild cramping on the first day, that doesn't require painkillers. I hardly notice PMS & I no longer dread my periods each month, socialising as normal on my periods....  this is available for you too!

Imagine this ….


  • Pain free periods each month

  • You have a simple way to manage your period pain and no longer rely on painkillers.

  • You’re no longer cancelling plans, because of your period pain and out socialising more.

  • You no longer feel “dreadful" before your period. PMS is a thing of the past.

  • You have more energy each month and your mood is the best it's been in years.

And you no longer dread that your period is approaching!

Over two years working with clients who have had debilitating period pain, I have created My 6 Step Framework to Pain Free Periods handout ... to make pain free periods accessible to you!

This framework details the 6 most important steps I have found to be transformative to my clients period pain:

1. Nervous system

2. Blood Sugar Balance

3. My Favourite Foods for Period Pain

4. My Favourite Supplements to take away your Pain

5. Castor Oil Packs

6. Environment

Download below.


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