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HEAL YOUR PCOS Masterclass...


Many women are ‘diagnosed’ with PCOS via an ultrasound, with the appearance of ‘cysts’ on their ovaries. However, this is an incorrect diagnosis - up to 25% of healthy ovulating women will have these underdeveloped follicles on her ovaries. 


You need to rule out other possible causes, before you can confirm you actually have PCOS.


When you understand the real cause of your PCOS, you’ll be able to support your body with the right diet, supplements and lifestyle.

This masterclass is for women, who suffer each month with irregular periods, low mood and stubborn weight gain. Women who want simple, easy and implementable strategies to reverse their PCOS.

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Here’s what you’ll learn when you join the Heal your PCOS masterclass...

Heal Your PCOS Masterclass 1

Heal Your PCOS Masterclass 1

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Presented by Flora Crichton,
Founder of Flora Crichton Nutrition.


Period Health Specialist Nutritionist.

Flora is a registered Nutritionist with The British Association of Nutritional and Lifestyle Medicine.

She gained a 4 year diploma from The Institute of Optimum Nutrition, Richmond (2021). She continues her learning under the fantastic functional medicine practitioner, Tanya Borowski, for over 18 months.

Having personal troubles growing up with debilitating periods, and transforming her symptoms through Nutritional Therapy, Flora has made it her mission to help others heal.

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