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Period pain, Endometriosis, PCOS, Fertility


   Infertility/Natural Conception.

PCOS - poly cystic ovarian syndrome.
Period Pain.
PMDD - pre menstrual dysphoric disorder.
Peri-menopausal transition

Period Pain, Endometriosis, PMS, PMDD, Infertility, PCOS


Our periods give us vital signs to our underlying health. Are you suffering from period pain, breast tenderness, PMS, irregular cycles, acne, stubborn weight gain, PCOS, low mood, or difficulty conceiving? These could all be indicators of hormonal imbalance and can be corrected, or very much improved, through nutritional therapy. 



"I first booked a consultation with Flora, as I'd gone several years without having a natural cycle - my partner and I were hoping to conceive. I was told by consultants that there was no obvious explanation as to why I wasn't having periods, and that our only options would be to induce ovulation or IVF. I was left feeling desperate to understand why my body was now unable to support a regular cycle. I'd been on the contraceptive pill for years, after being diagnosed with PCOS, but when I stopped taking the pill, my periods didn't come back. Frustrated and desperate, I decided to see Flora. 


Flora was so thorough, asking me questions that no other medical professional had. We ran blood tests, and her analysis of the results was absolutely invaluable in understanding what was wrong. Armed with information from the bloods, plus her incredibly insightful and honest advice, I made changes which led to my first natural period for a very long time, just a month or two later. 


Fast forward a couple of months, and, following initial disappointment that I'd not had another period, my partner and I were overjoyed to discover why; I'm now just over 5 months pregnant, and it genuinely feels like a miracle. I have no doubt in my mind that without Flora's help, her patience, knowledge and expertise, and confident yet gentle approach, we wouldn't be in this amazing situation now, and so I can honestly say that what she has done for us has been life-changing, in the best way ever imaginable." 

                                                     Alice H

‘I could not fault Flora’s care, knowledge and understanding. She has helped my body function properly and regain my health.


Having had my fair share of health problems, I’m no stranger to doctors and specialists and I would rate Flora extremely highly, helping me achieve my goals where other specialists were unable.


She is highly personable and helps you break down your goals into manageable and achievable steps, whilst supporting you fully along your journey. I can’t thank her enough.’

                                           Scallie 2023

‘With Flora’s help, we began to understand the real cause behind not falling pregnant. Having been unable to conceive for a year naturally, we were recommended to try Nutritional Therapy. Sceptical at first, but we are both so grateful to have worked with Flora - it was the most rewarding process and I feel better than I have in years. I fell pregnant within 5 months of working with Flora and I am now 6 months in. Flora was so supportive during this process and I am very grateful to her incredible knowledge and advise throughout.

                                         Laura 2024

'Flora has absolutely changed my life and I am so so grateful to her for how much progress I have made through working with her! 


My symptoms were completely debilitating to the point that they were ruining my life. I had such severe depression every cycle and my cycles could last up to 65 days with weeks on end of increasingly debilitating mood symptoms, fatigue & anxiety. I was unable to have any form of life for myself, isolating myself for weeks on end every cycle. I felt at a complete loss and felt I was doomed to a lifetime of misery.

I had been back and forth to the GP, specialists, dieticians & had numerous tests, scans, false diagnoses, doctors guessing diagnoses, been let down, not listened too and felt absolutely lost with the state of my physical & mental health. 


Working with Flora was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Flora has been incredibly kind and supportive & has helped me tremendously in healing my symptoms to the point that they are almost unnoticeable. I honestly feel like I have got my life back and I am able to live a normal and happy life and enjoy myself again.


Flora is genuinely such a kind practitioner and cares about her clients as individuals. I would recommend Flora to absolutely anyone as she has completely transformed my life and I cannot thank her enough!!


Kitty, 2024

We will be ever grateful to Flora. Having not had a regular period since age 15, (now 31), her programme helped me bring back my period. We got pregnant within a few months! 

Having thought I had PCOS, Flora ran comprehensive bloods and she realised I had Amenorrhea - loss of periods due to Nutritional deficiencies and stress. Her knowledge and advise made it so easy for me to understand what was going on, and able to stick to the changes.  We got the results we wanted,  - something that I thought was impossible has been made possible with Flora.

                                           Daisy 2024

When I came to Flora, I was exhausted & suffering from stressful periods (every 3-6 weeks), due to PCOS. She was quick to find the weak links in my diet that were at the heart of a lot of my symptoms and was very thorough in getting my poor gut health back on track.
After three months my skin is glowing, my energy levels are up and I had my first ever 28 day cycle. Even when it felt difficult to commit to the changes, Flora is so calm and patient, and I felt fully supported all the time.
I would highly recommend Flora to anyone - she is wonderful in all ways.’

                                                Elly 2023


'Before I came to see Flora, I regularly vomited or came close to fainting, due to period pain. My periods also seriously impacted my mood.


After following the dietary/supplement changes given on Flora’s 3 month plan, I have now had painless periods with no PMS symptoms.


Flora has been incredibly kind and supportive throughout, as well as highly knowledgeable.  I couldn’t recommend her more!'


                                        Laura 2024

‘I found the lovely flora, during a time of debilitating and extremely heavy periods, due to fibroids. With Flora’s guidance, we began running bloods and genetic testing, which was very insightful. Flora was able to analyse and identify causes to why I was experiencing debilitating symptoms and recommend solutions moving forward to try and help support my body.


I recently experienced my lightest period ever, with hardly any pain and cut my period length shorter from 14 days to 8!  She is so incredibly knowledgeable and has been the most amazing support to me during this time. I can’t thank her enough for all her help.’ 
                                         Emma 2023

Flora has been such an amazing help for me, my symptoms used to be awful - very heavy, painful periods, that required Tranexamic acid, numerous painkillers & my emotions were all over the place. 
All my symptoms got SO much better, even after 1 consultation. We managed to figure out what the root cause was quickly and easily - I can’t recommend her enough to anyone struggling with their periods. 

                                                Tash 2023

"After Flora's consultations I met my women's health goals within a couple of months and have seen a significant reduction in symptoms of PMS/menstrual cramps/bloating and inflammation. All this plus the added bonus of having additional energy and feeling amazing. Flora's style is sensitive and kind and helped me feel very supported. I would recommend her to anyone looking for health solutions!'


'After years of living with endometriosis, thyroid conditions and hormonal imbalances, I signed up for the Hormone Reset program with Flora. At this point, I was experiencing debilitating symptoms, affecting my everyday life.

I remember coming away from my first meeting with Flora, feeling for the first time ever, that there was hope for me in the area of my hormones. Flora’s knowledge, paired with her kind and sensitive way, made me feel safe and empowered throughout my journey with her.
After following step-by-step and manageable advice, I have seen a dramatic decrease in symptoms. I feel better than I have in years and have a greater sense of confidence about what my body needs.
I would wholeheartedly recommend booking a session with Flora if you want to optimise your hormonal health in any way.'

                                           Susanna, 2022

Before our first consultation I was feeling really anxious about the short length of my cycle (20 days) and the implications this would have on my fertility. In only a couple of months, working with Flora, my cycle is now 26/27 days, and I am taking far less pain killers when I am on my period. I’m feeling so optimistic about seeing more changes as I continue down this journey, and the feeling of dread around my period is subsiding.

                                                 Lara 2023


"Thank you Flora for helping me get my energy back! Before I came to see you, I was always tired, my hormones were out of sync, and generally felt like I needed help resetting and working out what was going on. Some early quick fixes were hugely helpful for my energy levels, and the longer lasting changes are already in place and I'm feeling much better and more balanced all round."
                                            Charlotte 2023

‘For years I have been really struggling with my gut health, having taken a long course of antibiotics as a teenager, as well as managing PCOS symptoms. I started working with Flora in 2021 and she has really helped me get on top of this, looking at my lifestyle habits such as exercise and sleep, as well as my diet and supplements. Flora’s suggestions are always really manageable tweaks you can make to your life without feeling overwhelmed, so you then stick to the changes and see progress over time!’
                                               Katie 2022

'Before working with Flora, I was gaining weight, particularly around the tummy, and feeling rather helpless about it. I  was starting peri-menopause, having around 12 hot flushes per day and my periods became very painful. My cholesterol levels were also very high. I was given 6 months to change things, or I’d have to take statins.
Since working with Flora, I have lost over a stone & my GP confirmed I do not need statins! I never felt hungry or unsatisfied, but still lost the weight. I feel so much happier in myself, and my attitude towards life. I have taken control of my body, rather than choosing medication. My period pain is significantly reduced & my hot flushes have almost disappeared. Thank you so much.’
                                           Elizabeth 2023

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